Cool things you may not know about RMR


Since the start of production, we have been covered by TIME Magazine (tba), Esquire Magazine (tba), The N.Y. Times, The Washington Post, The London Guardian, The N.Y. Daily News, The Gothamist and The Voice of Russia.

9 New York Times Best Sellers have been interviewed.

As well as 1 U.S. Congressman, 2 Jesus impersonators (1 Atheist Jesus / 1 Christian Jesus) and 1 Elvis impersonator (We believe he was a Christian Elvis).

Over 6,000 miles via automobile alone have been logged in making our film. (That’s over 222 gallons of gasoline! Oy…)

We have traveled through a total 26 states to date, including Mississippi.

The song we heard most on local radio stations with a rock-and-roll format was: ‘Hollywood Nights’ by Bob Seger.

We had a total of 3 “run-ins” with the law without once being ticketed. If there was ever proof of a miracle… (We blogged about one of them here: )

1 very serious run-in at approximately 5:30 a.m. with hotel security where we were staying off Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Without offering up any of the sordid details, I think Hitchens would have been proud of Michael Dorian.

To date, 3 Christians have donated to this film project.

We captured a service at the first godless church in America started by a former minister with Mike Aus and The Houston Oasis.

We interviewed the first known and “out” (think about that for a second…) Christian member of a godless church in the heart of the bible belt.

We attended and shot America’s first godless revival in Washington D.C. at American Atheists 2012 “Come Out, Come Out” Conference.


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